Pre Order T&C

Below are the process flow of the {preorder} item from China/factory/warehouses to MALAYSIA. Please read before proceed the order.

1. You may pay deposit minimum RM50 (to booking) & the balance of total amount has to be made 1 DAY BEFORE pre-order deadline.It is to confirm your order(s). 

2. Order(s) will be cancelled, if we do not receive your full payment on the LATEST BY pre-order deadline (before 12pm) & we will refund for those who had made a deposit.

3. All the pre-order can't be cancel, not refundable & not exchangable once the full payment receive.

4. Items are ordered and imported from overseas, and will usually take maximum 5 weeks or more from the date line for items to be delivered.

5. Delivery of item(s) is/are subject to change due to unforeseen shipment and custom checking delays. Should there be any delay, Glasonline will inform buyers in prior via email,sms or whats app.

6. Once items reached us, we will need to sort out all orders accordingly and ready to deliver it straight to your doorsteps. This might take about 2-3 days.

7. For those who expect immediate delivery of stock or who cannot accommodate the time line for delivery, we advise you not to place your order to avoid any frustration.

8. Now, if you're aware about this {PREORDER} system , you may proceed to fill up the Pre Order form

Any further complaints regarding the preorder duration will not be entertained.